Wild Willys Hot Rods & Customs.

Hand manufactured within the
EF-Composites pty ltd factory in Morisset NSW Australia. These Willys Style Hot Rod kits are fabricated with hand laid fibreglass reinforcement using Marine grade resin and an ISO Gelcoat on the moulded finish. Each Kit is made to basic trim finish (not fitted) straight from the mould(s) with all flash lines showing.

Pricing of standard Willys Style Hot Rod kits:

Willys Coupe – Americana Style RRP = $8800 (INCLUDES FLOOR)

Willys Coupe (NO FLOOR INCLUDED) – Custom Style RRP = $7700 (subject to avaliability)

Willys Pick Up (NO FLOOR INCLUDED) – Large Cab RRP = $6600

Willys Pick Up (NO FLOOR INCLUDED) – Standard Cab RRP = $6600

Willys Coupe kits include: Body, floor (Americana style only), Door skins, boot skins, bonnet, separate Front & rear guards & centre grill surround section (Americana Style only), one-piece front guards and centre grill surround + separate rear guards (Custom Style only), dash.

Willys Pick Up kits include: Cab, Door skins, Bonnet, Front & Rear guards, centre grill surround section.

The Floor for the Willys Custom Style Coupe & the Willys pickups can be made but we do not fit them to the body as this has to be done in assembly with the exception of the Americana Style. These Floors are a heavy structure in terms of fibreglass content, not so much weight due to their application.

Willys Custom Style Coupe Floor RRP $1850 

Willys Pick Up Large Cab Floor RRP $1000    

Willys Pick Up Standard Cab Floor RRP $1000

All Items are based on a “floppy body” set up (no trimming, no steel work, no fitting, etc.) with all flash lines showing and to the composite structure lay out by EF-Composites pty ltd.


Wild Willys Hot Rods & Customs and EF-Composites pty ltd reserves the right to change all prices and/or product(s) and/or items without notice and/or compensation.

For more Willys information and/or sales, please feel free to contact “Vic” on:

Phone & Text: (Australia) 0415740445

                         (Overseas) +61.415740445

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