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EF-Composites pty ltd

Morisset NSW 2264 Australia

Unit 3, 31 Alliance Ave Morisset NSW 2264.

​Email: ef-composites@outlook.com

EF-Composites pty ltd have performed and offers an Repairs - Modifications - Refurbishments (R-M-R) services for a wide range of different industries within the fibreglass/composite medium. We provide a budget relative approach to these works, which suits our clientele to whom require a personalized handmade solution to their project(s), instead of a "one size fits all" approach that is common place within the industry.

 R-M-R can take different forms from FRP pipe repairs, Classical Boat Restoration, Race Car Modification & Repair, Industrial Tank modification, Small Power Boat Transom replacements, Fume Chamber & FRP Enclosure  Modification, General Boat Repair & Modification, Hot Rod and Prestige Car repairs & customisation, & Lots More.

For all your R-M-R needs, please contact EF-Composites pty ltd for more information and/or quote.