EF-Composites pty ltd

​EF-Composites pty ltd have produced many different Tanks for a wide range of uses such as but not limited too: Acid, detergents, Salts, Industrial chemical(s) mixes, Potable water, Salt water, Grey water, Sewage, Fertilizer, Liquid explosives, Anti-static venting, Feed (Animal & Fish), Aquaculture, Petrochemical, Photographic waste, & Much more.  

EF-Composites pty ltd.

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​EF-Composites pty ltd specializes in hand made fibreglass/composite fabrication. This hand made approach suits the design & fabrication of specialty products such as Chemical Tanks & Vats, Sumps, Enclosures, Fire retarded Rail parts, Aquaculture products, Anti-static products, Mining related products, & lots more.

Our clients appreciate EF-Composites pty ltd ability to fabricate the "different" & the "unusual" products that gives them an edge over their competitors. This unique and flexible ability to fabricate nonstandard products have over the years made us stand out from the pack. 

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​Unit 3, 31 Alliance Ave Morisset NSW 2264, Australia.

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Morisset NSW 2264 Australia


​We can fabricate all products without or with our branding and often we have incorporated the clients branding within the finishing of the product(s).  As we are custom fabricators and so it is the norm to produce Tooling (plug/pattern & mould making works), within our scoop of works which allows for adjustments to be done during the build (within reason). Which for clients that are constantly developing/refining their products up until the last moments, can be a very helpful service.     Type your paragraph here.

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