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32 Style Mini Hot Rod

​​​​EF - Hot Rod Range

 EF-Composites are looking for suitable retailers for the "Doggie Ramps" please email interests.

​The Doggie Pool Ramp was design to be used with the Doggie Splash Pool, so too assist some dogs to walk up into and out of the Doggie Splash Pool. However these ramps make great agility dog ramps and access ramps for some hydro dog baths.

  • Proudly Australian design & made
  • Handmade fibreglass construction
  • ​Durable Gelcoat exterior finish with non-skid tape on the top (can be ordered without, or extra non-skid tape price may vary)
  • ​Maximum load is 130kg with appropriate use
  • Standard exterior gelcoat colours Black, Blue, White   
  • YES 100% POLYETHYLENE Roto-Moulded Plastic FREE !!!

Price: RRP = $286  For standard configuration and colours.

​Wholesale prices available on request.

​All prices are based on pickup from our factory, which is located at Morisset NSW 2264. However delivery can be quoted on.  

We manufacture two versions of the Mini Hot Rod bodies. The bigger two child size 32 Style & the one child 34 Style, these Mini Hot Rod bodies are made in standard black automotive gelcoat and hand laid fibreglass reinforcement.

  • ​32 Style Mini Hot Rod Body = $550
  • 34 Style Mini Hot Rod Body = $440 

​These Willys signs are made on order out of hand laid fibreglass with a gelcoat finish on the moulded side. The gelcoat used is a "easy sand" type, which makes paint prep easier. These sign are fabricated on the presumption that the client will be painting them to suit their needs.

​Approximate size:

L = 1200mm x H = 500mm x D = 70mm x ​Weight = 5kg

Price per unit = $330

​Contact us for a quote on muti unit orders.


All prices quoted in Australian dollars.

More products will be listed soon.

​Tri-Effect 8

Willys style ​Pick Up Rear Guards : These Willys style rear pick up guards are sold straight from mould finish and are made with hand laid fibreglass reinforcements.  Type your paragraph here.

 EF-Composites are looking for suitable retailers for the "Tri-Effect 8" please email interests.

​For multi unit orders, please contact us for a quote.

​These Mini Hot Rod Bodies are just bodies, no steel work is supplied, no guards and/or any other parts.

​The "Doggie Splash Pool" is a 100% Australian purpose designed and fabricated Dog pool which if used within the designed application dose not require a pool fence under current Australian rules & regulations.

  • High quality Handmade Fibreglass construction
  • Pool grade interior gelcoat finish
  • Hidden drain and Overflow with Hair/Fur trap tank with marine standard bung/drain plug system.
  • Can be installed on the ground, in the ground, rebated within timber decks. Great versatility!!!
  • Safe edges fully moulded surfaces
  • Easy clean surfaces, can use most cleaning products including spray n wipe.
  • Great looking design with generous dimensions 2.2m long x 1.05m wide x 0.35m Height approx.
  • Design features a moulded step with simple grip, & Highly stylish embossing pool bottom. 
  • Only weighs 30kg approx. (Standard configuration)
  • ​Standard Colour is Blue on the moulded gelcoated surface.
  • YES 100% POLYETHYLENE Roto-Moulding Plastic FREE !!!

Price: RRP = $682 ​For Standard configuration and colours

​Wholesale prices available on request.  

​All prices are based on pickup from our factory, which is located at Morisset NSW 2264. However delivery can be quoted on.

​Doggie Pool Ramp

​Classic Tear Drop Willys Style Pick Up Rear Guards

Tri-Effect 8 : ​The Tri-Effect 8 was designed by master shipwright Efrem Ewing back in the late 80s as a small but very stable Tender. That will easily tow behind a sailing yacht that is under sail and will also tow neatly behind a power boat. 

​Sold in standard white gelcoat finish with grey flow coat interior. With two seats that have built in buoyancy, gunwale trim and rowlock holes & rowlocks, but not with oars. This is not a cheap Asian import with a Australian name, we build the Tri-Effect 8 on order by hand here!!!

Basic Dimensions of the Tri-Effect 8

LOA: 2.57m (8' 5")

Beam: 1.275m (4' 2")

Transom height: 0.465m (1' 6")

All dimensions are approximates.  

Price per unit = $880 for standard configuration.

​Upgrade transom for small outboard = +$220

​Upgrade third seat = +$220

Upgrade ring style rowlocks = +$11


All custom versions are quoted on.

All prices are based from pickup from our factory, located at Morisset NSW 2264.

For muti-unit order please contact us for a quote. 

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​Customised structure upgrade available = POA

"I love a good ramp" - Raven

  • ​Right Hand Side Rear pick up Guard = $440
  • Left Hand Side Rear pick up Guard = $440
  • ​Willys style Pick Up Rear Guard Set = $770 (1 x Left + 1 x Right)

Per unit = $330

​For multi unit order please contact us.Type your paragraph here.

​For pricing and details please refer to the Wild Willys Hot Rods & Customs page.

​We are constantly developing our production product range. Only a few are shown here, so if you can't see what you are after, please contact us for service.

​​EF-Composites pty ltd reserves the rights to change all prices & details without notice and/or compensation. All products are priced as pick up from the EF-Composites pty ltd Morisset NSW Australia factory and so dose not include freight, packing, insurance etc. 

​​​Doggie ​Splash Pool

​Wild Willys Hot Rods & Customs

"We love our Australian made & designed Doggie Splash Pool!!!"  - Raven & Kirra 

 EF-Composites are looking for suitable retailers for the "Doggie Splash Pool" please email interests.

Morisset NSW 2264 Australia

Draw bar cover : Was originally developed for Caravan, Horse Float, boat, and Box trailer selling yards to protect customers legs & shins from accidentally hitting themselves. Over the years many of them were sold to Caravan parks and individual boat, Horse Float, trailer & caravan owners. 

  • ​Neat, stylish and attractive design
  • Solid Fibreglass construction
  • A great OH&S alternative
  • ​Simple, practical, & affordable solution (No moving parts)
  • One man lift at just 10kg (approx.)
  • Height =  920mm x Width = 610mm x Length = 600mm 

34 Style Mini Hot Rod

​Willys Sign (Fibreglass)


​For pricing and details please refer to our EF - Hot Rods page.

​Mini Hot Rod Bodies

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