Morisset NSW 2264 Australia


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​Unit 3, 31 Alliance Ave, Morisset NSW 2264, Australia.

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EF - Hot Rods

Production Works

We hand make a range of fibreglass/composite 1932 & 34 Ford Style Hot Rod kits for the street, show & for Drag Racing. We also offer the ability to fabricate these Hot Rods with custom laminates to suit different applications (such as high end race) & budgets.   

Are you Interested in selling our Tri-Effect 8 Tenders? 

EF-Composites pty ltd: Are looking for suitable business to sell the Tri-Effect 8 as a standard production product.

If you are interested in selling the Tri-Effect 8 and/or any other EF-Composites pty ltd product then please feel free to email us. 


​Australia Wide Clientele !

Headed by master shipwright Efrem Ewing, we offer a specialized hand made approach too all our marine builds from a custom 60 foot blue water yacht to a production Tender. Great customer service is the norm.   



Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5 pm


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We offer a personal approach too our Automotive clientele's needs be it with custom design race parts or contract production works. We also offer a range of production 1932 & 34 Ford style Hot Rod kits.

Looking for a custom chemical or aquaculture Tank, or any other fibreglass industrial product. Then contact the most friendly, honest and reliable team in the field.  

EF - Featured

Production Kits

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EF-Composites pty ltd

We provide contract production works for a wide range of different industries such as but not limited too: Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Film & Advertising, Mining, & lots more. Let EF-Composites pty ltd be your first choice in contract fibreglass works.   

We are better known as the manufacturer of other businesses products. However we are constantly developing our own unique range of hand made production products.    




Trade enquiries more than welcome.